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Why Indian girls don’t study maths and physics?

Do you know there are huge gender differences gap in math and physics in India?. Why we are going back lesser in number females in science and engineering and technology as compared to men. Let’s find out the reason one by one. 

We live in a society where the career of a kid gets decided based on their gender.

Is it fair? (give your views in comments) according to me who has given rights to someone to lead your life. I know parents will never think

anything wrong about their children but how anyone can know about someone’s capability.

When a child gets birth in a family, the parent that time only decides that if she is a girl then she will be a doctor, and he is a boy then he will be an engineer. Mostly it happens with girls,

their parents think she is a girl and she will not be able to study science and math or physics. we

So she should take biology, which will help her to become a doctor. But due to the parent’s decision, she doesn’t want to go against it. Truly this is called discrimination against gender. But if she wants to continue her studies with science stream then who’s responsibility is to support her? The importance of girl education is not only for just education it is also encouraged to study the challengeable subject like math and physics.

We always talk about the importance of girl education. But we also do girl discrimination at the same time.

if the girl has the capability to be an astronaut and what will happen, parents will force her to take biology and cause, their daughter will never be able to become a good doctor also.

The responsibility of the parent is to encourage their daughter to go ahead with the skills she has. Because it will give them the confidence to achieve what they love to do. So that people can understand the importance of girl education.

We do not encourage our daughter to pursue a challengeable education like math and physics?

But these things lack still in our Indian society.


Because we don’t have such kind of mentality, surroundings to give equality and freedom to our kids which can create a lot of new names in the world and make us proud.

Taking the example of the U.S.A, in 2014 U.S.A has sent a few women who were interested in researching in space and become astronauts. Another interesting article enlists how parents can be influential to support  a girl interest in science. This is just an initiative to find new amazing women who can show their interest and can do better things for our coming world in the field of space research.

In India, we have 48% women out of the total population but we have only 14.3% women participating in science research.

In Asian countries, the percentage of women in science research is much higher than for us, 41.3%.

What is the reason behind it?.

The answer is, Due to lack of awareness in society.

Some of even we don’t know how to become an astronaut,

then how can we encourage our kids.

Either we underestimate, or we don’t want to give the opportunity to the girl by unknowingly.

But still, we should come ahead to support the kids and their way of interest. You should allow them to study whatever they want. Because due to this discrimination against gender, girls are not able to do the things they want to. This will help them to stand equally in society and do amazing things whichever we can’t think. If the girl herself able to understand the importance of girl education will help in a transform in the next generation.

I know parents will never think anything wrong about their children but we should never measure anyone’s capability according to their gender.

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