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The talent out of the rural Area: Handi-craft Story of Radhika

You have seen people making excuses for petty reasons like not having enough money for cars, branded clothes, or exclusive cuisines. But there are many raw talents and skillful artists in the rural areas of India, who are not able to fulfill their dreams because of financial depletion. These artists can put the most skilled professionals to shame. But these unsung heroes remain in the dark and anonymous places; their talent is as wasteful as selling sand in the desert. The lack of financial support overpower these talented artists and force them to succumb to the social evils. Their talent and skills are forced to be buried within them, and such artists are not able to motivate themselves to pursue their passion. This is the inspiring story of talent out of the rural area and handicraft artist Radhika.

One such girl is Radhika, the talent out of the rural area, who despite all the odds against her can find a space for her incredible talent. The skilled work on her embroidered pillows can give any person chills through his spine. Looking at the magnitude of talent, in such backward areas, we should take the initiative to support and encourage such incredible artists.

Radhika is a young girl who has just completed her graduation and is seeking opportunities to turn her passion into profession. But the barrier of poverty is a huge obstacle between her and her dreams. She is born in a family of six children with four sisters and a brother. It seems impossible for a farmer,her father to bear the expenses of all his kids. But despite that,Radhika’s father never left any stone unturned in giving all the privileges he can with the little earnings from agriculture fields.

Radhika is one such incredible girl who completes all the household works andstillfindstimeto cherish her profession of making beautifully crafted embroideries. But even these expenses are pretty handy on her family as for her father, being the only earning member, it becomes quite difficult to manage and shelter such a big family. Thus,Radhika ensures that she doesn’t put much pressure on her father and completes her work with little resources available for her.She can complete her exclusive works in a day or two, looking at her impeccable art,it seems impossible to finish the task in such a short period.

The products made by her can easily be accessed and promoted on any platform, such as fashion or household embroidery stores. But she is not able to invest in her skills because of her financial status. Not only the incredibly artistic elements in her projects but her determination and hard work let her to efficiently make the most complicated patterns in a day or two. This signifies that embroidery skills are an integral part of her and she can make any efforts to convert this dream into a reality.

Radhika is a girl of strong will and character, and she doesn’t want to beg or need any financial help from anyone. But all we can do is promote such a huge talent and reward her with all the accolades she deserves. I urge all the people through this medium that if they find any means of work opportunity for such a rare talent then it will be highly appreciated and appropriately mentioned also if any platform or organization which includes the work embroidery or clothing can also take her work in consideration and pay according to the quality of the work.

Radhika, the talent out of the rural area, is story of one of those many female talents which are silenced by the evil society who believes that women are only born for doing household works, Sheltering family and producing kids. It seems disgusting but such practices are still prevailing in many rural backgrounds. Awareness should be made that we are living in this modern era and these thinkings now should be put to rest. Thankfully,Radhika’s family doesn’t put her in any restrictions, but they can’t also bear the expenses of her future. But you can be the angel she is expecting to fulfill all her dreams.

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