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Period is still shaming in India: Are We Really Empowering her?

Do you love to hear the word Women Empowerment?
What women empowerment means to you?

With all these questions I would like to start today’s article. In this article, I will discuss the biggest initiative which lacks in our family and known, causes issues in women empowerment.

This article is a question to you and our society that Are we really empowering her?

Is it enough to love to hear only the word, will it make a change in our society and women will be empowered?

Are we coming ahead at our level to help our daughter, sister, wife or any known women from family and society?

General view of our society.

What women empowerment means to you don’t matter but if we have to empower women, we have to understand what they want. 
We have to talk on those matters or questions which seems to be awkward for society and family.

If you will not understand the problems coming in making girls talk about their problems, how are you going to solve it?

To make a healthy family you have to make sure, the members are both physically and mentally fit.

This same allows in the case of our society and country. We want to empower women but they are not allowed to talk about their problems in front of the family whether it’s at the physical or mental level.

Women are not physically fit, no one wants to discuss such an issue because it’s awkward for the family to talk about it.

Women are not even allowed to talk freely in their family and society. So what they will do with their empowerment?

” Lack of proper education and communication in the family can help her situation”


So, let’s see:-

Are We Really Empowering Her?

We will try to understand the issues happening in a woman’s life by this small story which is happening with millions of women daily.

Society kept Laxmi silent till “it’s too late”.

Laxmi was a girl who lived in a village with her family. She was 15 when she had her first period. She was coming back from school and suddenly felt a gush of blood running through her body. She was not able to understand what was happening to her. She was unknown about the 
fact “period”.

As soon she reached her home, she asked her mother for a piece of cloth to clean blood. After asking her mother what was happening to her, she got to know about the term period, which was going to happen every single month throughout her life.

Laxmi felt shy to admit to her father that she was menstruating.
It was her mother who told her father that she was on her period.

After all this, When Laxmi was going to help her mother to prepare dinner for her family, her mom said you are not allowed to enter the kitchen when you are in period.

She got to know about the first rule and memorized it because after all, she has to follow the rules. When she was going to her bed, She was said you are not allowed to sleep in this house till your period.

She felt like, She is not a family member and said to leave. It was night so where she should go, she asked her mother and got to know that she has to sleep in a small hut beside her home.

The next morning, she thought everything normal but suddenly she felt again a gush of blood running through her body. She was not able to understand what she should do to stop it or at least hold it.

She again Asked her mother, What I should do to stop it. She got to know, she should use cloth which could bring a dangerous disease also.

She has done the same as instructed because her mother used the same method and she had no other option.

While her period she got to know about different rules and regulations like she is not allowed to touch men family members, she is not allowed to worship got, etc.

She can’t say no to any rules which were said because if she did, it was like going against traditions. She was very afraid when she menstruated.

The feeling of staying outside often made her sad. It was more difficult to live while the period, she needed support but no one wanted to even talk about it. anyhow she managed to spend all the days while period and came back to her home.

She wanted to talk about why all these things were necessary to do but no one was interested to talk on that matter.

She was told if you will not follow the traditions no one will come to your home, no one will talk to you again which made her silent. She can’t even talk to her father because she feels shy and hesitates to discuss all this matter.

The fear of all these issues made kept her silent. She was very afraid of her menstruation because next time again she had to follow all these rules and regulations. She didn’t want a period to be back but who can control this thing.

Again it happened the same and due to not getting discussed, not to use cloth she was using it regularly.

After some years she got a problem related to her internal part but due to shyness and fear of tradition, she kept herself silent.

When it started getting out of her hand she thought, she should speak to her mother. Her mother discussed with her father and took Laxmi to the doctor for a check-up.

After the check-up Doctor said, It was too late because she was in the last stage of her vaginal cancer.

So, the Question which millions of girls like Laxmi want to ask, “are we really empowering her?”

I also want to ask some question from our society through this article, 
Is this the way, we will empower women?

why does this happen to most of the woman?


Women are not allowed to talk freely due to our tradition which causes even death. It is happening every single day in our society but how will this change. women are not free enough to talk about their issues and not getting the solution because of tradition then what type of empowerment we are talking about?


What society should do?


we are not making a change in our family first then how we will do it in the society and then in the country.


We all say, we should empower women but do you think we need to aware of our society first to come ahead and try to understand what women want.


This will change our society and we will able to make a woman empowered nation.


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At last:- Try to answer the question which Laxmi asked from society through this article. So, a girl like her can get answers and get to know about what our society thinks about these traditions.


Do you have any questions related to this article? you can ask through comment. 

Thanks for the time and patience to read.



Rn Sonchit

By Rn Sonchit

“Various foundation in India are working for providing sanitary pad and awareness for period myth. I hope this will huge impact on our social values”

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