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Old lady selling fruits on the roadside – An inspiration

Women are the most incredible creation of God and a few of them prove to be the real lady of courage. Altogether, the most creative, versatile, courageous and resilient. Many great women in the past have inspired generations and have led them to create a name for themselves. The likes of Mother Teresa, Rani Laxmi Bai, Indra Gandhi and many more have rewritten history and showed that women are capable of pulling off anything and do it even better than a man. Today, we will tell you about a heart- wrenching story of an inspirational woman, whose determination and Never-Say-Die attitude are sure to give you goosebumps and leave you with someone to look up to as motivation in life. This is the story of Old lady selling fruits that inspire will you.

Old lady selling fruits on the roadside (near Chawla Chowk, in front of 24seven) in 3b2 Mohali:

Every day she comes in the morning, works in the scorching heat and works all day to provide herself with a shelter. Observing her some time, I couldn’t control myself and asked her to have some money. But what she said next, sent chills through my spine and I quote- “Sahab gareeb zaroor hoon, par bhikari nahi. Fal kharidlijiye wohi bada upkar hoga”. After hearing that I could not control my tears and was intrigued to know more about the background of such a powerful lady, who lives on her morales.

Old lady selling fruits

She lost her son and husband in a road accident:

She lost her son and husband in a road accident, and since then she has been struggling to lead a happy life. On the other hand, she refused to beg and decided to earn. She is displaying what an inspired woman can do even when nature took everything from her. Not only does she earn by herself but also the manner with which she carries herself. Altogether, in this brutal and manipulative world is quite commendable.

There are people in today’s society, who always curse there lives even in minor scenarios. Like not being able to buy clothes or a car or not being able to get a job. Some may even go to the extent of giving away their lives when rejected in love or falling in exams. On the other hand, this lady of courage is an inspiration for so many of those who chose to lead the adverse path. However, they learn from the gallant efforts and will power shown by a female. Who had lost her everything but still she is not willing to give up.

There are many women in this world, who chose to live this way and are anonymous to everyone. However, god watches everything and blesses these people in different aspects of life. In this case, we can be the helping hands of the almighty and help her live life; she has worked so hard for. Old lady selling fruits is not asking of any privileges, but the only way we can help her is by buying the fruits she sells. This will not only lead her to live a better and satisfactory life but also make you proud of yourself. Helping a warrior makes’ you’ a warrior as well.

Old lady selling fruits

I salute this lady of courage who chooses to earn rather than beg. They make this world a better place to live. They create positive vibrations around us and strive us to be the better version of ourselves. I would urge everyone who resides there or visits there at any point of there lives. Please take her blessings and buy something from her. However, this practice would make her believe that there is still humanity left in the world.

Details of her location have been mentioned, any sort of help would be appreciated. Special mentions will be made for those who are willing to help her in some other ways as well. Let’s Support this lady of courage, who has the heart of a warrior, a spirit like a champion, in every minor way we can.


The likes of Mother Teresa, Rani Laxmi Bai, Indra Gandhi and many more have rewritten history and showed that women are capable of pulling off anything and do it even better than a man.

"Old lady selling fruits is not asking of any privileges, but the only way we can help her is by buying the fruits she sells"
Komal Sinha
Komaml sinha

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  1. Thank you Usha ji aur Komal ji .mein iss MAtaji oko shat shat pranaam.mein bahut jald inki madad karungi.Usha ji 3 saal se mein you tube dekh rahi hun aur shuru karne mein ghabra rahi thi kahi koyi galati na hon mein perfet nahi hun.par aap ko dekh kar mujh mein apne aap mein bahut hawsla ahayihai.mein bhi jaldi you ube apna kaaam shuru kane wali hun.Aur mera ek bahut bara sapna hai mein Mata ji jeisi mahaon ke kuchkar sakun.Aap logon ko shat shat pranaam.

    1. Thanks you very much comment karane ke liye.
      aap jarooor karen jo apki man chahe bhagwaan apka sath dega.
      mai bhi perfect nahi hu, lekin mai aaj bhi khuch na kuch sikhati hu

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