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How opportunities allow women to lead the world?

A view of Indian society regarding girls.

In today’s blog, we will cover how opportunities allow women to lead the world?

We love to hear and read about girls like P.T Usha, Hima Das, and Dutee Chand, but we never want our kids to play. We never allow them to choose sport then how we will get more and more women like them.
According to the Indian mentality, women don’t need to take sport,
military, IAS, etc. as a career because parents believe daughters are not physically strong because she is a girl. Then why you are saying we need to empower our women? We need to make our country secure.
Do all this make sense without making our daughters strong first?

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How parent’s decisions and fear of society impacts women?

We are aware of the Indian mentality about providing opportunities to their kids in terms of career or daily life. In the case of a girl, parents feel more insecure in allowing them to choose something out of the box.
I do not understand who makes rules. Why should a woman not go to work? Why is she expected to do household work only? She is not allowed to take their own decisions, and she always needs permission. It creates a mindset that keeps women in their barriers of permission and society’s thoughts.
The limitations set by parents and society causes women not to understand their potential throughout their lives and live like slaves.

How basic freedom and opportunities can ?

We all have heard about recent gold medalist Hima Das. She belongs to a low middle-class family. Her father is a farmer by profession. But do you think the profession of parents matters to achieve something?
No. But if parents don’t allow their daughters to choose their career or
path, it matters. From childhood, Hima interested in playing football. She played football with the boys at her school and had always wanted to pursue a career in football. However, she did not see any prospects for herself in women’s football in India. Later, upon advice from a school physical education teacher, Shamsul Hoque, she changed to sprint running. But instead of this entire thing, she got freedom from her parents to choose her path, what she loves to play and want to pursue as a career.
Freedom gave her confidence and belief in herself to do something that
she loves to do. We know when confidence and self-belief meet together, it results unique. The same happened in the case of Hima.

What parents and society should do?

Surroundings and society influence our decisions. A kid’s brain is like a blank chip. Whatever we will put in it, will become their knowledge. And we also know that based on our experience, we make decisions. So, parents should always feed their mind with positive thoughts and positive approach to see the world.
Parents should always give freedom to take decisions to their daughters and provide opportunities to see different aspects of their lives.
So that she can understand their potential and use them to make decisions and lead their lives. It will allow them to achieve the milestones she wanted to achieve.
Parents and society should encourage and give opportunities to check their potential. So that they can get confidence to lead their lives. And that’s
how opportunities will allow women to lead the world.

At last: – I hope you liked the topic.
What other steps our society and parents should take
regarding women’s empowerment?

Give your answer in a comment and I’ll try to put more in my next blog related to it.

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