"I had never thought that way but I knew thing happen" HIMA DAS

Breaking the stereotypes- HIMA DAS and motivating many more women to come forward in the very field of sports.

Do you ever think your life would change so much in 6 months?

So, in today’s blog, we are going to talk about the real fear- the fear of judgment for a woman that eventually leads her to be least interested in physical activities and sports. Also, we would be covering a very strong and inspiring girl’s story who is breaking all the stereotypes for women in India and around the world.

A mother runs through the park pushing a baby in a buggy, chatting away as she does: “Come on, baby, not far now.” and on the very other hand we see a young woman learning to swim, one exercising in an outdoor gym, another hula-hooping in the kitchen, a group of friends on a trampoline. The images come thick and fast: black, white, pony-tailed, older, and younger.

Do you notice any wrinkles, any dimples in their thighs? Hell, no! And if you do then this isn’t for you. This is for all those many women out there who avoid exercise because of that very fear, the fear of being judged.

When research revealed that 75% of women would like to do more exercise and be involved in the physical area of playing and sports, but that there was a huge emotional barrier – fear of judgment – as well as the usual suspects of expense and lack of time.

Hima Das

So, here comes a very solid and latest example of fighting the fear of being judged, fighting the fight of being a woman and still being the top in sports and everything, following her dream. 

In a country full of sports champions, like India Hima has come as a breath of fresh air. Hima also known by her very popular name ‘Dhing Express’ is the first Indian girl Athlete to win gold at a world championship (U20). 


1.    The 19-year-old bagged a total of 5 gold medals in a month.

2.    She was conferred with the Arjuna Award in 2018.

3.    She was appointed as India’s first-ever youth ambassador of UNICEF India in 2018.

4.    She is the only athlete from Assam to win a gold medal at an International event.

In today’s time, all you need is support from your loved ones who push you to become someone worth remembering. She aspired to follow her dreams and her father supported her throughout. She has taught us that one should have self- belief and rest all will fall in place eventually.

There is a lot more to come her way and we wish that she rises with flying colors and makes India proud, every woman proud and be an inspiring and motivational example for all the women and girls around the globe.

Let’s continue to support, cherish women of India and women around the world. I’m all for women supporting other women.

At last a very humble request to all people out there let your girls be free, let them explore every field of their life. Parents support your kids to do whatever they want to and let them be involved in more physical activities and sports for their better future and life ahead.

 Photo credit goes to IANS

Let’s continue to support, cherish women of India and women around the world. I’m all for women supporting other women.

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Ritika rose
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