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Gender inequality in education in India: Family Influencing girl choices

This article is a question to our society. Why women don't get the right to make her choices, Causes a lot of issues through out the life.

We are Indian and we don’t make decisions, take permission. 
Because our elders like grandfather or father are always right. This practice increases culture of gender inequality in education in India.

This is the major reason for our rights and choices. This happens more in the case of girls because a girl’s choice depends on family decisions.

In Indian culture, a girl’s choice is less important than society’s traditions or conditions. We know in Indian culture we respect our family, a bit more than others but that doesn’t mean they can put their choices on us.

Gender inequality in education

The scenario of a girl’s choice from starting

From childhood, a girl is being taught to live in boundaries and whatever family will say you must follow. As an example, if a girl started her 10th standard study and said her family to go for tuition which is an hour from her home. The family member will start giving opinions based on their perception and view of today’s generation.Lastly, she will not be able to go for tuition according to her choice.

This continues throughout their life and that’s why she will not get the chance to make her choice ever and fulfill it.

Do you think its right?

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I will try to make you understand about gender inequality with live example of that happens to millions of women.


Gender inequality in education

A Childless mother

She is married now but he is not her choice. A girl who got married just a year ago. She left her home to be with her husband and now the remote of her life is in her husband’s hand.

Because she was told that now he is everything for you and girl respect her family. She is living happily with her husband and it got 2 years now.

A question that is asked mostly from women about gender inequality.

Her mother in law asked for something which she doesn’t want to get asked.

The question was “when are you giving us our Grandson”. She nothing replied because she was told after your marriage, Mother in law is your mother and she respects her mother.

She asked the same question herself, she got the answer “she is not ready”. 
She never asks for something from her husband but this time she felt, she should discuss once at least.

Finally, she collected her courage and said the whole matter about not being not ready to give birth to a child, She wants to take some more time to get prepared mentally and physically.

But she got the opposite answer what she thought. Her husband said, “Mom is right”.
We should plan for a kid or else what will say, people. Everyone will say there is something wrong with us.

But she made her understand and kept herself silent again because she was taught, your husband is everything and whatever he will say you must do.

After a few weeks, she gets to know she is pregnant and told her husband. 
Her husband is very happy because he made it. Now finally, he can say he is a man.

She is also happy because everyone is happy after knowing this news.

That night when she was going to sleep, she again questioned herself “am I ready”?
She again found the same answer, No.

But after remembering the happy faces of the family members she took a long breath and made her understand it will be all right and she went to sleep.

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Time to get the answer of family’s question


Finally, the day has come; she is in the hospital to give birth to a grandson for her family.


Everyone was happy and waiting for the kid but after getting the doctor’s news everyone is in shock.


The doctor said, “She gave birth to a dead child”.


After a few weeks, everyone forgets about the incident but what she is feeling no one can understand.


Now the family is saying something else to her, she killed the child. She is getting said the murderer of her child.


Is there anything harsh than this?
How a mother can kill her child?
Now she hears this word daily “you are a killer”.


So, the question is from the millions of girls like her 
Doesn’t she have the right to make choices?

What makes millions of women silent when it comes to making a choice?


What do you think, who is responsible for this incident?
Give your answers in the comment box.
Give your answers sure because every girl like her is waiting to 
know about it.


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At last:- I haven’t taken any proper name in the story because she is not the only girl who is suffering from this. There are millions of women going through this situation. I just tried to make you understand the whole matter.


If you found this article knowledgeable, you can appreciate my efforts by sharing it to others so everyone can understand the situation. Please help women to bring out from this type of situation not promoting the gender inequality.


Thank you for your time and patience to read.

I haven’t taken any proper name in the story because she is not the only girl who is suffering from this. There are millions of women going through this situation. I just tried to make you understand the whole matter.

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