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Five Things You Should Know Causes of Depression in Women

In women, as compared to men, the ratio of causing depression is more than men. Women in their daily routine have to pass through different situations that cause problems for them as a result causes of depression. Several factors cause more depression rates in women like hormonal factors, biological and social factors as well. Women’s brain cells are sensitive than men they soon get disturbed in any situation and become depressed. Depression in women can be worse if not appropriately controlled; here are some of the factors that cause a sign of depression in women:

  1. Postpartum depression
    To experience baby blues is not an unusual thing for new mothers. Within a few weeks, it started getting appear immediately as a reaction after delivering a baby. Lack of time for themselves, sleep deprivation, new responsibilities, mood swings act as an emotional rollercoaster for new mother causing a mild depression situation results in depression symptoms.
  2. Premenstrual problems
    Women, during their menstrual cycle, passed from hormonal fluctuations, suffer from bloating, emotional reactivity, fatigue due to Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Severe depression, mood swings, and irritability started before a few days of your period, and when your period gets started, these signs happened to remove your depression. Women’s risk factor for developing depression increases during their menstruation.
  3. Social Behavior
    Socially women have to face a lot of different and worse situations. Working women most probably have to face gender discrimination issues in some places. They are degraded and ignored because of this discrimination. Office atmosphere sometime becomes partial for women who are unfair to them, but still, it happened in many places. It causes a high level of stress for women, which depresses them severely.
  4. Personal Disturbances
    Women are more sensitive than men; they feel all the particular disturbance very deeply and remain disturbed due to such problems. Infidelity also remains the top reason for depression in women.
  5. Women’s Mental Health
    The majority of women face organic brain syndromes, dementia, and depression, with a ratio of 29.3% more as compared to men. Women to a greater extent from men get affected by domestic violence, sexual violence, psychological distress, depression, and anxiety. All these issues if become worse, can lead to severe mental illness among women. Often, it becomes uncontrollable that women attempt suicide to get rid of such situations.

Women should receive confidence from their family members and that they remain confident in their matters of life. They can handle any social pressure issue and do not get frustrated or depressed. Regular exercises or meditation also cure such a problem with positive results. Taking proper sleep also makes your mind relaxed. To be more social and remain in trustworthy people impacts positively on depressed women resulting in no depression to them.

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