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Chandra Devi: A woman who never gave up

chandra devi

When you think about bravery and gallant efforts, only soldiers and freedom fighters come to your mind. But the mental toughness that a lady possesses is unparalleled. Chandra Devi, a woman who never gave up, is a story of one such unsung hero, who despite all the troubles and melancholic times stood tall to battle all of them. The death of her husband left her in shatters and helpless too. With three children to take care of, the burden on her shoulders was immense. But her courage and determination pulled off the most difficult tasks in her life.

chandra devi

Chandra Devi is an older adult who has been suffering from illness since the death of her husband. Also, the pressure of marrying 2 of her daughters and nourishing her son took a lot out of her and also affected her health miserably. Stomach aches and headaches are the major issues which are dealt with by her. Despite all the odds, she managed to marry both her daughter by taking lone from her sister-in-law, who by all means is a true friend of her. She helped Chandra in the gravest times, which even forced her to give some hush money to Chandra Devi. But the loan of 10,000 rs seemed too big for the already illness-struck woman, who had meager means of earning money.

But as the title Chandra Devi, a woman who never gave up, suggests the old lady still had the spark to give it her all. She didn’t succumb to the pressure of burdens and decided to fight for her life. Although, she accumulated money, penny by penny, and worked day in day-night to educate her son as well as paying the debt. But once again, the stone in her way proved to be her illness, which had already cost her most of her savings. This sure seems to all of you, the last stroke to camels back, but Chandra Devi had other ideas. She escaped such brutal, life-threatening illness and continued to work for the betterment of her son.

chandra devi

She washed dishes from one home to another, did household works bearing the pain of her stomach ulcers. But she never begged and chose to earn wisely. The loan is too much for her to repay looking at the expenses of her health and son’s education. It seems impossible for an old lady to bear so much and still be able to work all day. The resilience and will power shown by Chandra Devi, is a motivational story for all those who quit the tensions and burdens of life through suicide. But the fighters like Chandra decide to fight rather than running away from her duties.

God always helps the ones who help themselves, and fortune always favors the brave. These sayings proved to be exactly true in this case. Harjinder Singh, an Australia based Indian, came like a message from almighty and gave Chandra Devi 10,000 rs to pay her loan. Harjinder was so touched after hearing the story of the lady that he immediately decided to help her in any way possible. Thus, Chandra Devi was able to pay all the loans which her sister-in-law had lent her to marry her daughter. And also additional 2500 are rewarded for her medical expenses.

chandra devi

Message to take home

You can also be a savior of such a warrior and help her in any way possible. This practice would not only give you priceless blessings from god but also inspire you to show such determination and will power in your lives. The never-say-die attitude in the worst situations rewarded her with tears of joy and happiness. Chandra Devi, a woman who never gave up, is one of those many inspirational stories which remains unidentified in the rural areas of India. Thus if you find and help any such people, god would only pour you with blessings.

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