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How life of Gyan Singh, a widow women in rural India was changed for better?

This empowering story represent the life of Gyan Singh, a widow women in rural India, whose life was changed with efforts of a social conscious women, Usha Devi.

I will never forget you and your help till my last breath. Your help made me believe again that humanity and god exists because you came to me as god and helped me as more than anyone else ever did.

It’s been 72 years of our freedom, but can we proudly say that we are going the right way to make our country developed and powerful?  We are working on different aspects of our problems like health, education, food, women empowerment. Do we know how the implementation is going on? We have a number of schemes going on to help poor people, but our government is not able to implement it properly. Today I am going to share a story about a woman whose husband is no more. I will try to make you feel how hard is to live as a single mother and at the end I will discuss about how a donation of little money can bring a big change to their life.

Gyan Singh, A woman who lives in a small remote area village with her 3 children. After death of her husband she is the only person to earn and look after her family. She can’t even arrange food for her family because there is no support behind her. She cooks food in school mid-day meal to earn some money but it’s not enough for her family with a meager salary of Rs. 10,000 per year. She lives in a house which is made up of clay walls, bamboo and grass which often leaks in rainy season. On such days they can’t make their food and are helpless to live without food.

How Gyan Singh’s life was changed?

Usha Devi, a social conscious woman who is working on different aspects for helping poor families in remote area village. She runs a YouTube channel to raise awareness about daily life of poor people and try to help them by collecting donations and providing food, cloth and education.

So, coming to how Gyan Singh got tears of joy in her eyes with the help of Usha Devi.

Usha Devi came to know about the situation of Gyan Devi and came ahead to help her. After trying to understand what she could do to make her life better.

Usha found that her biggest problem was leakage of house with approaching Monsoon. Usha purchased some “patra”, a flat type of shelter made up of cement to shade the roof. With the help of the family member of Gyan Devi she managed to rebuild her house. After few days, Usha helped enrolling her elder daughter to 10th grade and made arrangement of her school dress, books, notebooks etc. 

How can you also bring change to people like Gyan?

India comprises a total population of 497 million where women adds to 48 percent of total population, but can we say that they are equal as men?

Because still we are living in a society where people give priorities to men. Then, how we will empower our country without empowering women.

As you have read in story, a small donation and initiative made her life happier. I know it’s not easy to leave our daily responsibilities and came up to help personally. but if you are concerned about these people, society to help them and able enough to donate something like food, old clothes or else a little amount of money just come ahead and help them. So that woman like Gyan Singh can get help and make their life better.


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